About Us
TrueGrow technical materials corporation

Specialized in manufacturing epoxy resin curing agents and various types of epoxy resins.

Corporate Description:
As the leading company in the Polymer Chemistry sector in China, TrueGrow technical materials corporationis Epoxy Resin Manufacturer, Epoxy Resin Developer and Epoxy Resin Trader organization. Established in 2000, TrueGrow technical materials corporation(TGC) is an ISO 9001 certified leading producer of Modified Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Resin Curing Agents(Hardener), additionally Customized Special Chemicals. It experienced a professional team, a solid financial structure, a qualified workforce, and reliable business partners.

Corporate Mission Statement (Purpose):
TrueGrow technical materials corporation will continue to implement the latest methods to contribute to the Chemical Industry on a global scale by promoting new High Tech R&D, Modern Production Line, Creative Marketing and IT investments dedicated to producing sophisticated and diversified high-quality products and services. That will maintain the Harmony of the specialities with close cooperation and collaboration of our clients. TGC provides integrated service that is customer-oriented, creative, safe and environmentally conscious.

Organization Structure
Advantages of TGC

Financial Stability.
Professional R & D Team.
Fulfill customers demand.
Various and multi-functional epoxy resin products.
Quick delivery services.
After-sales services.

Vision and strategy of Company

Vision & Missions

  • We aim to establish an Effective, Sustainable and Lean Organization.
  • We aim to have highly flexible production capability to Customize Epoxy Resin Products and Service.
  • Customizing for best total Service, Products and Support.
  • Commitment to our suppliers and customers.


  • Lead the sector with our Organization’s operating Standards, Creativities and Values.
  • Respond to our customers’ expectations.
  • We create Value for our customers with our Quality Products and Rapid Service solutions.
  • Working towards globalization with our superiority to create Win-Win relation.


  • Comply with government's policy.
  • To maintain high environment quality, the safety and healthy working place is the reponsibility for all employees.
  • Educate employees about ESH concepts and prevention techniques to create a safety working environment


  • Demand-oriented sustainable development.
  • Improve employee benefits.
  • Actively participate in social care activities and strengthen CSR.